Wednesday, April 16, 2008

april 16th

april 16th
at (---- --- ------)
401 s. rogers st.

7pm-10pm $3-5 admission
(*note about bringing money: please do so. we were all birthed from an orifice, have to do shitty things for money, occasionally feel bummed out for no reason whatsoever, etc., but times are tough and food stamps are main offering to the national arts. it doesn't cut it to offer touring bands $20 for gasoline when that only gets em 5.7 gallons (about 1/3 to 1/2 of an average tank). i can't stress this enough - i understand, i don't have a lot of money to offer either, but nearly every show i've organized in bloomington over the past year i've ended up having to chip in considerable amounts, and it's still hardly ever "enough". so, please-please bring $3 to $5 for admission... ... there will be some free snacks and possibly some soda to help ease the "purse/wallet- burden").

("gonna-be-good" from providence, ri - featuring e.rosenthal & leif goldberg of urdog, fort thunder
collective, etc. and mikey hotsauce of reactionary 3, nuclear family, teenage waistband.)

(drums/sax/trumpet neighbors&residents performing the
famous be-bop hit of the 2007's: "pee-pee-pee PO DO,
shoum-seeee" a thousand times in a row, with no breath
or break between, until everyone leaves the house,
yard and state."the band that formed to become famous".)

(will be reading a collection of poems showcasing and
dissecting: the many mentalities of the monroe county
public library's sometimes-smell- heavy computer room,
a sexually naive/explicit free verse/association
mind-suck of the roadside loneliness trip & and the
fragility contained there-in (both subjects, but
probably neither - hopefully "new stuff")... these
will be things/saying/ phrases and words directed at
women, men, children and distant uncles alike: the man
has no preference!)

(daniel wick will offer/succomb to/bestow/rely
on/digress into/melt and wane/follow through the front
room with a focused & texturized palette of possibly
of electronic means!!!)

(the singers sing the song, we move along, fallow,
hungry, gun-control, swallow, singy-singy- singy: the
best are always buried and these boys just live down
the road.)

hell, over half the acts live in the mcdoel
gardens neighborhood, isn't that weird.

it's like a
ghetto down there. www.myspace. com/dreamachining.

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